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Meet the Super Cooler

Meet the Super Cooler

SuperCooler is a mobile device that can chill your favorite drink in a few moments by using a bucket with ice. It is up to 10x faster than just putting your beer on ice. Check out how it works and be amazed by the fantastic SuperCooler!

A Bit of Science

The principles behind Super Cooler are the same principles of a fan and a chill wind. The heat moves from the drink to the liquid through a method called convection. Convection is complex because it depends on heat conduction, temperature delta and fluid motion. Super Cooler increases the heat transfer rate by increasing velocity and that makes your drink chill faster!

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Is it only for beer?

Super Cooler works with any drink. Including soda, beer, energy drink and wine. Anything that comes in a can (250ml, 330ml and 500ml), or bottle (Crown Caps, Wine Corks, or Wine Caps).

How fast is it?

We recommend you to wait 1min for a soda can or energy drink, 2min for a 33cl beer can, 4min for 50cl beer can, 7min for a beer bottle and 10min for a 75cl bottle of white wine.

What about foam?

No foam! Foam is generated by shock, on constant speed there is no shock. You will also, not lose the bubbles. Your beer or soda will remain fresh, but colder and without exploding when opening.

What Our Customers Say

  • Excellent, very easy to use, it really works and I recommend to everyone. No more warm beer!

    Paulo Dentena R.
  • I recommend to buy it!!! Super easy to use and most importantly, the beer gets really cold, perfect temperature. Great gift!!!

    Ricardo G.
  • Great product! While watching soccer I got a warm beer, attached to the device and soon I was drinking it!! Recommended!

    Sérgio Luis S.
  • It was great my friends. Very easy to use, the more ice the better. It is everything I expected, great invention!

    Fabiano B.

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